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The practice of praying at the grave-site of the Tzaddik is an ancient Jewish concept and custom. We see in the Torah that Jacob buried Rachel on the road outside of Beit Lechem because he saw with prophesy that when the Jews would be exiled to Babylon, they would pass that spot and have the opportunity to pray there, and in the merit of the Matriarch Rachel, Hashem would promise to bring the Jews back from exile.

As part of an ancient custom, Jews from all over the world travel to the grave-site of Rebbe Shimon bar Yochai and the other tzadikim in Tzfat and the gallali.

The visitors give charity and utter heartfelt prayers on the spot, drawing on the reserve of holiness and power etched in the stone and vested in the earth surrounding the resting place of Reb Shimon and the other tzadikim.

Every day millions of Jews worldwide open their prayer books (sidurim) to pray. Looking beyond ones proficiency in the language, the prayer structure and the outstanding beauty of the prayers themselves, what exactly are people praying for? What should people be praying for?

Of course the answer is different for every person. Some are praying for health, children, shiduchem others for happiness, and still others for livelihood, success, serenity. There is no question that prayer is very personal.

Tzidkat Rashbi sponsors a full day Kollel in Meron. Pious rabbis study Talmud and Zohar throughout the day. The Kollel, located in the adjacent room of the tomb of Rebbe Shimon Bar Yochai, is a Torah resource for individuals and visitors to gain Torah knowledge and religious inspiration. The Kollel recites your prayers and a heartfelt request at the tomb of Rebbe Shimon Bar Yochai in Meron.

On special occasions the Kollel recites prayers at other tzadikim in Tzfat and the Galilee.

You can send us a particular request such as a Shidduch, Health, family well being or any particular-date, such as a Yahrtzeit, birthday, or anniversary.

Before the names are read, a Rabbi will light a candle in honor of the Tzadik (for the elevation of his soul) and Tehilim and special prayers will be said – a great merit.

Prayers at a specific grave site or on a specific date, or to accompany the delivery with recitation of your request with Tehilim can be done by special arrangement.

You can dedicate your contribution in memory of a loved one and have Mishnayos learned on their Yahrtzeit, on the date you specify

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