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Find your Soulmate in Amuka

Wednesday 26, of the month of Sivan (June 20th)
is the Yahrtzeit of the famous Talmudic sage
Rabbi Yonathan Ben Uziel z”l


Rebbe Yonatan Ben Uziel promised that those who will visit his grave especially on his Yahrtzeit will see their salvation and countless stories and experiences bear witness to this truth.

Shidduchem, Children, Health, Parnasah and Nachas from our Children

Tradition has it that Rabbi Yonathan Ben Uziel gave a blessing to all those who are unmarried that if they visited his resting place they would merit to meet their soul mates and marry within the period of one year. This blessing has worked for all these centuries and countless numbers of people have married their true soul mates by Divine Intervention of their prayers at the Tomb of Yonathan Ben Uziel.

You can take advantage of this ancient segulah, even if you cannot be in Amuka for the yahrtzeit by appointing Tzidkat Rashbi to pray on your behalf and place your prayer on the tomb.
Tzidkat Rashbi arranged for a Minyan of pious torah scholars from Meron to pray and do a special “Tikun” in Amuka on this special day.

Tzidkat Rashbi also provides drinks and refreshments for the thousands of visitors coming to Amuka on the day of the Yahrtzeit.

Tens of thousands have merited blessing and salvation in the meritof the great tzaddik

Kupat Tzidkat Rashbi in memory of Rebbe Shimon Bar Yochai, was founded hundreds of years ago in Meron and Tzfat to collect funds from abroad to support the residents living in Tzfat, Meron and the surrounding areas.

Kupat Tzidkat Rashbi continues to carry on the vital task, providing and dispensing food and social services to the needy of Tzfat and Meron’s pious residents. Over $1,000,000 are dispersed yearly by Kupat Tzidkat Rashbi. These include fresh hot Shabbat meals, holiday distribution of clothes, appliances and food packages.

We offer a free prayer for those who cannot afford a donation at this time. We provide this service and are confident that the almighty will send his blessing upon you. We have witnessed countless miracles in Amuka.

You too could join the countless of other people who have had their prayers answered through this Prayer.

Tzidkat Rashbi has scholars praying and studying continuously by Rebbe Shimon bar Yochai, in Miron, Tzvat and Amukah for the welfare of our supporters and Klal-Yisroel.

The Talmud says Rebbe Shimon is worthy of relying on in time of need. To many of Tzvat’s and Miron’s, Tzidkat Rashbi is the only home and family that they know.

Please make it your home.

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Yeshiva of Rabbi Yonatan ben Uziel
Yahrtzeit of Rabbi Yonathan Ben Uziel