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Reb Ovadia – Meron

Rebbe Ovadia – Hachnasat Orchim

Since 10 years ago, Tzidkat Rashbi – Rebbe Ovadia has been hosting Shabbat,, holiday and weekday meals at the holy Tanna Rebbe Shimon Bar Yochai in Meron.

The meals are a spiritually uplifting and extremely meaningful experience.

These Shabbat and chagim meals are woven into impressive enthusiastic singing of Shabbat songs, acceptance and true caring for all who attend. The overabundance of scrumptious homemade food, prepared and served under the loving and dedicated supervision of Rebbe Ovadia, flows out of the tiny kitchen to delight the body & soul – all for the honor of the Holy Tanna Rebbe Shimon Bar Yochai.

The approximately 200 guests each Shabbat include Israeli families, tourists from all over the world, yeshiva students, the homeless, destitute, poor and lonely and all who seek a Shabbat or holiday spiritual and uplifting experience in Meron.

The purpose & goals of Tzidkat Rashbi – Rebbe Ovadia include:

  • To spread the joy of the Rashbi through positive and warm experiences.
  • To achieve unity by serving as an example of chesed, love and acceptance.
  • To expose the entire universe to the singularity and sanctity of Shabbat.
  • To demonstrate the true nature of Rebbe Shimon Bar Yochai as the ultimate unity and kindness.

In addition to the Shabbat and Chag meals, Tzidkat Rashbi – Rebbe Ovadia provides a scrumptious breakfast and supper during the week whenever the need arises with personalized caring and assistance for the many who seek a spiritual uplifting experience in Meron.

For emergency prayers, Rebbe Ovadia can be reached in Meron on his cell phone at 972-507253158. He speaks Hebrew only. Any prayers you send to us will be forwarded to Rebbe Ovadia and recited by the same day.

People call up and ask him to prepare a meal for a special Yeshua.