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Yahrtzeit 26 Sivan Yartzeit of the famous Talmudic sage
Rabbi Yonathan Ben Uziel

Rebbe Yonatan ben Uziel passed away on the 26th of Sivan and his resting place is in the forest in Amuka. Amuka is located in the remote Biria forest on the outskirts of the mystical city of Safed.

He promised that those who will visit his burial site in Amuka, especially on his Yahrtzeit, will see their salvation. For generations visitors come to Amuka to Rebbe Yonatan ben Uziel to pray for their Neshama and for their material needs. May it be for health, shiduchem, children, Shalom Beyet or for any yeshua. People stream from all over. They come to pray, they come to cry and they come to be joyous.

Health, Shidduchem, Children, Parnasah, Nachas from your children.

Tradition has it that Rabbi Yonosson Ben Uziel gave a blessing to all those who are unmarried that if they visited his resting place they would merit to meet their soulmates and marry within the period of one year. This blessing has worked for all these centuries and countless numbers of people have married their true soulmates by Divine Intervention of their prayers at the Tomb of Yonossan Ben Uziel. Those seeking a match, have been known to intentionally forget their sidur, prayer book with their details or leave notes with their names, emails and phone numbers to help their future spouse with their task.

Tzidkat Rashbi can have your prayers recited on at the grave on on this special day the yahrtzeit by a group of Rabbis and your Prayer – Kvitel placed on the tomb of Rabbi Yonosson Ben Uziel.

 The liveliest day here is without a doubt, 26 Sivan – the day of yahrtzeit of Rebbe Yonatan ben Uziel. (may his zhcut protect us). And if ten years ago, hundreds of people would travel up to Amuka, today thousands of people bombard the grave site on this day.

The Yahrtzeit of a Tzadik is a special occasion to pray on his burial site. Tzadikem after their death are greater than when they were alive. Kabbalah defines a Tzadik’s yahrtzeit as a time of celebration, as his soul soars higher and his lifetime’s achievements resonate more strongly through the world. Talmudic lore calls wicked people dead while they are still alive, and deems the righteous alive, even after their deaths. Jewish mysticism adds that a Tzadik’s impact on the world increases after his passing.

Tzidkat Rashbi Hachnasat Orchim – Hospitality

Tzidkat Rashbi distributes free drinks and refreshments to the thousands that stream to this holy site on this special day. There is great merit in making a contribution and helping to support the prayer service, and refreshing all the visitors making the trip to Amuka on this special day. Please take part in our Hachnasat Orchim and you will B’ezer H’ashem with his help merit your salvation.